How the Heck Does Google’s Search Algorithm Work, Anyway?

When you distill it down, SEO is quite simple. It’s a matter of having your website conform to the standards and recommendations of search engines.

Search Engines

search engines 1Here we’ll focus on Google. To understand what Google’s standards and recommendations are, we first need to understand what Google does. At a basic level, Google’s search engine does the following:

  1. Crawling – Finding your website and all of the content contained on it.
  2. Indexing – Understanding and categorizing what your business does.
  3. Retrieving & Ranking – When a user types something into a search box, Google needs to first figure out which websites are relevant to that search, and then rank each website based on a combination of relevancy and popularity.

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The Complete SEO Resources Guide

complete 1

“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

In the spirit of this quote, I have provided a list of the main SEO e-books, articles and blogs that inform my day-to-day strategy and execution. I hope you find them helpful!

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A 5-Step Plan for Choosing the Perfect SEO Keyword

The Intelligence of Search Engines

keyword research 1

Recently, there has been much debate about whether robots will one day overthrow humans and take over the world. While I’m not ruling out this (ludicrous) idea, I’m confident that we’re very far away from such an apocalyptic outcome for the human race.

How can I be so sure?

Because one of the the most intelligent computer algorithms in the world still struggles with the English language. I am, of course, referring to Google’s search algorithm, one of the most sophisticated forms of artificial intelligence the world has ever seen.

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The 17 SEO Resources You Need Become an SEO God

Decoding Google’s Top Secret Search Algorithm

seo resources 3

If you ask 10 different marketing professionals how to rank highly on Google’s search engine results pages (“SERPs”), you’ll get 10 different answers. While this lack of consensus makes the marketing industry look extremely fragmented, the phenomenon has a good reason for existing. Blame Google.

You see, Google’s search algorithm is an extremely complex mathematical formula which draws on over 200 variables. It uses these variables to meticulously rank websites; to decide who the “kings of the keyword castle” are.

And they won’t even throw a bone to us marketers. The height of their transparency took place when they released an extremely basic guide to SEO, which told us nothing we didn’t already know.

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