For Your Eyes Only: Two Videos from Google on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

video 1video 2

A picture tells a thousand words. But a video from Google tells one million.

I work for a Marketing Agency and since we sufficiently line Google’s pockets with our client’s money (and do a great job for our clients in the process), they’ve made us into a “Google Partner”. All of this allows us exclusive access to training events, live webinars and support. We couldn’t be happier to receive preferential treatment from this generous tech giant.

As part of the Google Partner’s program, we have been invited to watch two live-stream events in 2015. Since these live-stream events are now publicly available, I thought I would share them with you.

The first video covers off how businesses can use Digital Marketing and Google AdWords to grow their revenues. The second video addresses the business case for creating a corporate video, and then explores how you can use Google’s YouTube video to promote your video.

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3 Fool-Proof Tips for Transitioning into a Career in Digital Marketing

Tearing off the Corporate Shackles

career 1

We’ve all been there. You find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Your motivation is about as low as winter temperatures in Canada. With every passing day, a little more of your soul gets devoured by your corporate master, who shuns your well-being in the pursuit of earning cold hard cash. You officially hate your job.

And then finally, one day, you wake up and ask yourself “is this even worth it anymore”? The answer is a resounding “no.” For some, this is the most liberating experience of their lives. They decide they’ve had enough and it’s time to change career.

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Give Your Google AdWords Campaign the Spring Clean it Needs

adwords 2We survived it. February marked the coldest month on record in Toronto. And it wasn’t just Canadians living through a record-breaking cold spell, as residents of Connecticut can attest to.

Luckily, spring has finally arrived. And with spring, comes spring cleaning. This brutal winter has left homes across North America broken and battered. Home owners are rushing to replace the shingles on their roofs or fix cracks in their home’s foundations.

With this “fix-up” mindset top-of-mind, what better time is there to fix your business’s Google AdWords campaign?

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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: The Holy Grail for Lead Generation

A Brief History Of LinkedIn

linked 5

Oh how LinkedIn has grown up. It started from humble beginnings in Mountain View California back in 2003. Since then this social network has exploded in popularity, and now boasts over 300 million members worldwide, with ambitions to reach over 3 billion.

LinkedIn was set-up as a place where professionals could network and job seekers could connect with their dream employers. In the process, this social platform has accumulated a wealth of data about individuals’ personal details, employment history and education.

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