For Your Eyes Only: Two Videos from Google on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

video 1video 2

A picture tells a thousand words. But a video from Google tells one million.

I work for a Marketing Agency and since we sufficiently line Google’s pockets with our client’s money (and do a great job for our clients in the process), they’ve made us into a “Google Partner”. All of this allows us exclusive access to training events, live webinars and support. We couldn’t be happier to receive preferential treatment from this generous tech giant.

As part of the Google Partner’s program, we have been invited to watch two live-stream events in 2015. Since these live-stream events are now publicly available, I thought I would share them with you.

The first video covers off how businesses can use Digital Marketing and Google AdWords to grow their revenues. The second video addresses the business case for creating a corporate video, and then explores how you can use Google’s YouTube video to promote your video.


Google AdWords


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